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HD Video


The 720p HD security camera system ensures that you get a clear view of your home or business, with minimal distortion or blurring.


Two-Way Audio


With 2 Way Audio, Blink XT2 lets you be there from anywhere. Open up a 2-way conversation using your smartphone.


Instant Alerts


Quickly receive a push notification alert with a link to the video attached, so you can decide how to respond.


Instant On


With Blink’s Instant On feature, video recording starts within a fraction of a second, so you’ll get a clear look at who or what triggered the alert.


Temperature Sensor


Blink has a built in temperature sensor that you can monitor at all times at the location of each camera.


Built-in Microphone


A built-in microphone allows one-way audio access, so you can both see and hear what’s happening at home.


Runs on 2 AA Lithium Batteries for 2 Years!


You read that correctly. With regular use, your Blink cameras will last a very, very long time on a single set of 2 AA lithium batteries. This incredibly long battery life is made possible through a proprietary chip technology available only in Blink cameras.


Blink Camera


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