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This box provides an easy and effective way to disinfect your everyday items, including keys, mobile phones, toys and household items. Simply place multiple items in the box, close the lid and your items will be disinfected. All bacteria and viruses tested to date respond to UV-C disinfection.


  • Effective: the Philips UV-C disinfectant box effectively removes viruses, bacteria, mould and spores on surfaces in a short time. Disinfects even the smallest items such as keys, smartphones and wallets
  • Safety: built-in sensors and timers guarantee safe disinfection for your home and ensure that an immediate deactivation is carried out when the box is opened
  • Expertise: With over 35 years of experience in UV-C lighting, the Philips brand can rely on extensive knowledge
  • High quality: thanks to the high quality of the integrated Philips UV-C lamps and the special design of the housing, disinfection of surfaces is particularly effective. Please do not forget to observe all safety guidelines of the product manual when use

Philips UV-C LED Disinfection Mini Box

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